Introduction to Gokarna beaches & Gokarna Beach trek : Gokarna is a famous tourist place which most of us will visit at least once in a lifetime, though many of us visit multiple times as we know that the adventures at Gokarna and scenic sites are never ending.

Nestled along the coastline of karnataka, lies the Gokarna city, which is well known for its beaches, historic temples and other fun activities. As you enter the city, you can feel a deep connection to nature and the city culture. There are several beaches and each beach here has its own uniqueness and charm that offers a great memory to the travelers.

The most famous beaches here are Kudle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach , Paradise beach and Gokarna beach. Let us know about each of these beaches in detail in the later part of the blog. Another interesting activity at Gokarna is the beach trek. One exciting thing about the Gokarna beach trek is that during the trek you can cover all the famous beaches of Gokarna and enjoy the best scenic views of each beach during the single trek.

Let us know more about the fun activities you can plan during your Gokarna trip, about the Gokarna beach trek and the beaches you will come across during the trek and about the other experiences you will encounter during your stay at Gokarna. Let us now start with the Gokarna beach trek and the beaches you can plan to visit from the start of the trek till the end. 

Gokarna Beach Trek:

gokarna beach trek
gokarna beach trek

Undoubtedly, gokarna beach trek will be in the to do list for everyone planning to visit Gokarna. The trek offers a very exciting experience for the trekkers and it is a very good opportunity for them to explore the hidden sites of Gokarna during the trek. The starting point of the trek is usually at the Kudle beach and the trek ends at the Gokarna beach; few beaches are covered on the way. You can explore other sites as well, as there will be several activities you can do at every beach you visit during the Gokarna Beach Trek. Now, let’s know more about the beaches you will come across during the trek and their significance. 

The Kudle Beach: 

As mentioned earlier the Kudle beach is the starting point of the Gokarna Beach Trek. It is filled with coconut palms, with its crescent shaped shoreline, giving a perfect relaxing spot for the trekkers. The trek to this beach usually starts from the main town area of Gokarna. There are several activities one can plan at the Kudle beach.

Eat in shacks: There are several cafes at the Kudle beach which offer delicious food which are decorated beautifully, even the cafes are very good at ambience and offer food at a reasonable price, you can try different sea food here as you get it fresh from the beach.

Flea market: There are many handmade stores, where the foreigners display their handmade products at the beach shore. Stuff like bird feathers, magic sticks and other beautifully hand crafted jewelry can be found at these places.

Ferry rides: You can plan a ferry ride to the Half Moon beach or the Paradise beach instead of continuing the trek by walking, even this gives an excellent experience as you can spot dolphins in the sea and other beautiful views from the sea mid. It is always better to go for a shared ferry than a private ferry.

The Om Beach:

From Kudle beach, if you continue the trek you can reach Om beach which is 6 km away. The beach has a significance as it is shaped in the form of the sacred hindu symbol “ OM”.  There are many renovating activities you can plan. You can also enjoy a leisure stroll along the beach shore and have a relaxed time. Here are a few activities that you can consider at the om beach.

Om Beach
Om Beach

Boat rides: There are different types of boat rides like banana boat ride, bumper boat ride and speed boating etc. It is usually for 15 mins and you’ll start this after special safety instructions. A pleasant, windy day would be a perfect day to choose these boat rides.

Fishing: You can do fishing at the Om beach, by taking a ride till the ocean. The prices of these activities are reasonable and fishing gives you a unique experience as it is a quite different way to enjoy the beauty of vastly spread beach waters. 

Jet skiing: The Om beach is famous for jet skiing and you can have a memorable experience with your friends during this ride. The clear water allows you to have a wonderful experience during the sport. However clear instructions and safety suits will be given beforehand.

The Half Moon Beach:

Half Moon Beach
Half Moon Beach

The trek from the Om beach to Half Moon beach is 4.9 miles far and this trek is considered a little challenging as you will come across rocky cliffs and through the towering hills. The Half Moon beach is famous for its village cottages along the shore and it got its name as it is similar to the half moon. Here are a few activities you can enjoy at the half moon beach.

Paddle Boarding: Although it is challenging, paddle boarding is one famous activity that you will come across at the Gokarna beaches, you will find the tickets very reasonable and you can try paddle boarding at this beach if you haven’t tried yet.

Kayaking: Kayaking is recently becoming a popular sport at the Half Moon beach, especially the local kids who are more into this activity. If you are lucky enough you will find a lesser crowd during your visit. Kayaking at the half moon beach gives you an unforgettable memory due to its clear waters and greenery all around.

Sports: People who visit here prefer sports like football, cricket and volleyball as the sand is well supporting such sports. You can either plan to play with your group or in case you are on a solo trip, you can join any group as many adventure sports take place at the shores of this beach.

Paradise Beach:

Paradise beach is famous for its powdery white sands, covered by the dense forests.It is 150 meters long mostly covered with rocks. Good news is that till 2029 it was not allowed to set up tents here, but now it is allowed and visitors rent out camps to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Here are a few activities that you can plan alongside Paradise beach.

Paradise beach gokarna
Paradise beach gokarna

Night camping: Night camping is one of the to do things at the Paradise beach. If you plan your trek by evening you can reach paradise beach at the right time to plan your night camping and stargazing. You have to get the local permission to set up your tent. The sky will be very clear and you can spend your time at the beach under the blanket of stars, which is a wonderful experience.

Swimming: The waters at the Paradise beach are fresh, cool and are suitable for swimming. You should be aware of the harsh tides you might experience now and then. You have to be cautious while going a little deep into the sea, rest all is safe and a place to enjoy your beach time.

Night trek:  Visitors usually plan night trek at the Paradise beach as it is fun and thrilling at the same time. But before planning this you have to take guidance from the locals as the place is surrounded by forest and sometimes it is not safe for night trek. In case you plan for a night camping it is a good idea to combine it with the night trek at the beach.

Belekan Beach:

Belekan beach is located on the outskirts of the city, its has excellent beach view and eye catching ambiance that leaves its visitor awe stuck. If you can visit the belekan beach between 5:30-6:30pm you can witness the suset over the horizon. The beach is famous for its shanks that are available which serve reasonable foods to the tourists. Though visiting the beach alone is not as exciting, however you can cover this beach in your gokarna beach trek. Here are few activities you can plan when you reach the belekan beach.

Belekan beach gokarna
Belekan beach gokarna

Nature Photography: The belekan beach view is a wonderful sight and is suitable for nature photography, the whitish golden sands and clear blue waters are wonderful during the sunrise and sunsets. Tourist often use their drones to capture the beauty of the beach from far top which covers ther wonderful shore from start till end.

Dolphin sighting: In case you travel to this beach by boat , there is a very hight chances that you encounter few dolphins during your rides. Compared to other beaches mentioned, it is very common to see dolphins at this beach. If you are lucky enough you can even have a close lok at these cute creatures and capture few memories with them.

Beach volleyball: The sands of the Belekan beach are suitable for the sports, they are not too sandy soft nor thoo hard , it is a suitable sand where you can plan sports like volly ball, throw ball and other team sports. Most of the tourists that visit this beach spend like 30, 45 mins playing if it is not too sunny.

Gokarna Beach:

Gokarna beach is the final destination of the Gokarna beach trek. The beach gives you a very pleasant sense of tranquility that is unmatched. By the time you finish the trek you will be exhausted and that is when you will look for the relaxing activities that are available nearby. If you are looking to explore fun activities at Gokarna beach, here are a few.

Ayurveda Massage: Ayurveda massage is famous at the Gokarna beach, which is done for 60 mins usually and you will be charged a very reasonable price. There are several types of massages available and based on your interest you can choose your preference. After a busy day traveling around, there is nothing that feels better than a relaxing massage.

Mahabaleshwar temple: This temple is one of the famous temples around Gokarna which is dedicated to lord shiva. It is a pilgrim spot where many tourists visit every year from different parts of the world. You can sense the peace and spiritual environment that surrounds the temple. If you plan to visit Gokarna this temple visit is a must place to explore.

Treehouse stay: If you are looking for a different stay experience you can stay in the treehouse that is available at the Gokarna beach instead of taking accommodation rooms or camping, you can stay here. The rent is a little pricey but it is worth the money as you can get the shore views by surrounding with the palm trees and birds creeping.

You can either choose to trek for 10km or you also choose  ferry rides , while you can visit all the beaches by boats on sea. It would cost 400-500 inr per person and the rides are totally worth the price. Note that the ferry rides are not available during the monsoon season.

Gokarna beach trek distance and suitable time:

The trek distance is about 10km and usually takes 5-6 hours to complete, it might vary depending on the time you spend at the beaches and other activities you plan to do during the trek. Good time to start the trek is early in the morning or evening as you can witness the sunrise and  the sunset, considering the breaks for food and other activities in between the trek. If you want to know the best time in the year to plan the gokarna beach trek, it is during october to march. 

Gokarna beach trek
Gokarna beach trek

Gokarna Beach Trek Highlights:

The Gokarna Beach Trek is filled with highlights that makes it a memorable and enriching experience for adventurers. Here are a few of the key highlights of the Gokarna beach trek:

Secluded Beaches: The trek offers you a breath-taking view of the amazing beaches available in Gokarna, which are mostly inaccessible by road. A few beaches like Paradise beach and the Half Moon beach can be seen and admired to the fullest only by trekking as it is from the hilltop, you will have an amazing view of the total beach shore from the far point which is impressive, as visitors say.

Cultural exploration: Many beaches have mini stalls where you can find the hand crafted stuff and cultural significant toys etc. Usually the sellers sell it for a reasonable price and you can purchase different hand crafted pearls or shells, jewelry, stationary and other beautiful stuff. You can also find hand made idols of gods here.

Sunset/Sunrise: If you are a fan of sunsets and sunrises Gokarna beaches are the best place for you as the peaceful atmosphere surrounded by the trees and nature beauties. Sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking views from the vantage point at the route of the beach trek. You can see the colors changing in the sky that are felt in the waters and it will be such a mesmerizing experience.

Camping under stars: At the Paradise beach and the Half Moon beach you can have unforgettable experiences by camping under the stars. You can stay the night there listening to waves and have a good time with family or friends. It is a safe place as many locals and other trekkers also plan for this activity. You will be surrounded by people at a distance.

Adventure Activities: As mentioned above every beach has its own unique activities lined up for you to choose and plan during the visit. All the activities are fun and will not cost you much. You can participate in the activities that you find interesting and leave with a wonderful experience. There are several activities like parasailing, snorkeling, boat rides etc.

Gokarna Beach Trek Tips:

Plan in advance: Plan your itinerary in advance to avoid the last minute confusions, research properly about the activities you can do or the route you can take from the starting point till the end. Have all the details in hand so that you make the best experience out of the trip.

Carry suitable clothing during trek: It is essential to carry or wear suitable clothes during the trek. You will have to cross hills and rough surfaces while visiting the Om beach and Half Moon beach. It will be helpful if you wear suitable shoes and light clothing. Having lite food before starting or during the trek would keep you more comfortable.

Stay hydrated and protected from sun: Drink your water and keep yourself hydrated as the complete trek will take 5-6 hours, might even extend based on your plan. Use sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays as the trek will end by mid noon while it is so sunny. Carry a water bottle and sunscreen and use them at intervals as required.

Be mindful of the wildlife: Gokarna beaches are covered with forests and wildlife of various species. Do not feed the animals or get inside the danger spots of the forests. Enjoy watching the different birds and animals around the forest and keep your distance from them. It is advisable to stay with your group while crossing the forest.

Follow safety instructions: During the sports or water activities, have your safety equipment and follow the instructions given to you clearly before entering the activities. As Gokarna is a crowded place it is essential to take responsibility for yourself and avoid hurting yourself during the adventures at the beach.


This is all you need to know while planning for the Gokarna Beach Trek. Though Gokarna beaches are a fun place to visit it is alway a better idea to research about the other available sites nearby so that you don’t miss out on the hidden gems that are available at Gokarna to explore.

Apart from beaches you can also consider visiting the local cafes to taste the authentic food Gokarna offers to its visitors, you can find various seafood as it is at the beach shore. And the malls and local stores have various kinds of clothing representing their culture you can spend your time shopping during your trip. Hope this blog helps you know better about how to plan your Gokarna Beach Trek. Let me know through the comments.


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