Sarugudu Waterfalls – Unseen Waterfalls in Visakhapatnam District

Sarugudu Waterfalls: With the tourism season on the threshold, with the pandemic being in full swing Tourism authorities have decided to give a facelift to the famous waterfalls in our own Vishakapatnam agency. This place have been receiving a decent number of tourists every year. For those who love to get into flowing water and like to stand under the meticulous force of water pouring down form a height can plan a trip to visit Sarugudu waterfalls.

It is the right pace to get your feet wet or just give your eyes some spectacular visual treat, must visit. For nature lovers there is nothing more beautiful than watching the wonders of nature, water falling form such a great heights.

Sarugudu Waterfalls – Unseen Waterfalls in Visakhapatnam District

Beautiful waterfalls in vizag
Beautiful waterfalls in vizag

When To Visit

As we all know the best time to visit any waterfalls would be in the monsoon season. The water falls around 365 days a d most of the tourists visit waterfalls sarugudu during the November (Karthika masam) month as it is considered auspicious to lord Shiva. One can find an old Shiva temple located near the falls. Shiva statue and Siva lingam near the water falls looks beautiful.

waterfalls narsipatnam
waterfalls narsipatnam

The water falls from a height of about 30 feetwhich makes it a must visit picnic and tourist spot in recent days. Visiting water falls has also proven some health benefits according to some scientists. The negative ions that are abundant in waterfalls tend to increase the secretion of serotonin which ultimately helps to make our mood good.

Sarugudu waterfalls
Sarugudu waterfalls

The sound of moving or falling water gives relaxing tendencies, and the pure air helps in good respiration. Visiting waterfalls sarugudu which is located very near to us gives all the benefits without spending a lot of money.

Waterfalls near vizag
Waterfalls near vizag

How To Reach

This place is situated at a distance of 37 kilometers south west from Narasipatnam. People can reach this spot by road way where one can find busses, cabs and auto rickshaws from Narasipatnam.


The optimization of our limited period on this beautiful planet earth where one should make the most out of it by visiting such beautiful places like Sarugudu waterfalls. Take your loved ones and spread love in the most natural way by sharing the experience of falling water.

One can not find any shops at the waterfalls and are suggested to take the essentials like water and snacks just in case. Hope this article helps you finding the best place to spend your weekend very near to the nature. Do let us know your experience after visiting the Sarugudu waterfalls.


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