Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova : A Rare Find in Andhra Pradesh: Situated between two densely forested hills there stands the temple of TALUPULAMMA and is very famous among nature lovers and also her devotees. It is located in the district of East Godavari which is also known as “the god’s own district”. The presiding deity is a Grama Devatha known as Thalupulamma Thalli. As the temple is in a valley, it is surrounded by greenery which is an eye feast for every visitor. This temple stands as an evidence to India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova (Tuni) 

Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova (Tuni) 
Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova (Tuni)

This ancient temple which is dedicated to goddess Thalupulamma is visited by many truck owners and cab owners to seek blessings and experience its peacefulness. New vehicles from all over the place is got here and they seek blessings. Devotees believe that Talupulamma Talli will save them and their vehicles from any accidents by offering her protection.

They also believe that they will get more profit in their transport business. Now a days this temple has become a tourist attraction and pilgrims from all over Andhra Pradesh have been visiting it. The kind-hearted thalli does not wait for the devotees to make their wish. Even a mere thought (thalapu) is enough. She grants the wish. Hence the name Thalapulamma Thalli, who is a swayambhu (self-incarnate). 

History of Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova 

It is believed that sage Agastya have been to this place and and recited there for a while. He named the two mountains Darakonda and Teegakonda. When Agastya muni couldn’t find water to offer his prayer, he asked goddess Parvathi to give some water due to which there is a river flowing down from Darakonda. Later he asked goddess to stay there and look after her devotees. The goddess was named Talupulamma and has become the village goddess.

Talupulamma lova
Talupulamma lova

How to Reach Talupulamma Talli Temple

Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova is situated 10km from Tuni town, 65 kms from Kakinada, 176 kms from Amalapuram, 106 kms from Rajahmundry, 120km from Visakhapatnam. It is very near to Tuni railway station. Only road transport is available to the Talupulamma temple from both Tuni and Annavaram. Public buses and shared autos are available to reach there.

It is better to book own transport as the temple is closed by 6PM in the evening. There are no hotels or rooms for devotees accommodation. Hence it is better to book hotels either in Tuni or Annavaram. 


In chaitra masam from bahula vidhiya the festival is celebrated for 15 days every year. Even during Ashada masam devotees offer their offerings and prayers in a special way. 

Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova will be crowded during Ashada masam(on sundays and tuesdays), Navaratri festival days, Karthika Masam, Saturday and Sunday.


The temple is open from morning 6AM and closes at evening 6PM. 

There are many tourist attractions surrounding Talupulamma Talli Temple Lova . The famous Temple of Sri Satyanarayana Swamy in Annavaram is about 23 kms. Upmaka Venkateswara Swamy Temple is about 18 kms away. Lova is also an excellent outing spot to visit during weekends with family members. 

Talupulamma Talli is famous for accepting the devotees offerings and granting them their wishes. Talupulamma is also famous for giving profits for transport vehicles and also avoiding accidents. Do visit this temple when you go Annavaram or Tuni or kakinada. 

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