Best Beaches to Visit in North GOA : Most Indians prefer having their vacations especially the Bachelorette’s\spinster’s parties in GOA. Do you guys really know why GOA is such a happening place in INDIA.

Here’s why ::

  • Its budget friendly.
  • People really enjoy the beaches.
  • Casino’s.
  • This is a very perfect and absolute spot where people enjoy the warm SunRise & the
  • paeceful SunSet.
  • 24/7 available sea food.
  • Cheap liquor stores.
  • Less cost of Petrol/diesel/gas.

You can spot numerous foreign travellers and even the couples enjoying the shores here and we have lot of pubs and happening Places all over the GOA after 7 in the evening.
You find lot of foreigners here and the most surprising part here is that the foreigners sell goods and even have there own shops been elevated just to fund their travelling.

You find numerous Yoga centers & especially the meditation centers very near to the beaches and you have spa’s, massage centers, Tatoo Studios owned by very professionals & you can even locate different pearls & the most favourite hotspot of GOA are the CASINO’s which are crowded mostly and people love being here gambling all the day :P.

Now, coming to the beaches we have nearly 15 beaches in North Goa.

  • Calangute Beach
  • Dona Paula Beach
  • Chapora Beach
  • Querim Beach
  • Aguada Beach
  • Morjim Beach
  • Sinquerim Beach
  • Bambolim Beach
  • Vagator Beach
  • Mandrem Beach
  • Ashwem Beach
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Arambol Beach

Best Beaches to Visit in North GOA

Best Beaches to Visit in North GOA
Best Beaches to Visit in North GOA

Arambol Beach: 

If we start with ARAMBOL Beach, its particularly famous for russian tourists and craft works, jewellery, pearls, music jewellery and other items they sell here in the beaches. This beach is also famous for the JIMBA Live Music & the fireshow’s and most people come here for parasliding and surfing and we even have surfing schools on the shore.

Check Out Full Details About Arambol Beach 

Also we find Yoga training centers here which charge you accordingly on which we select upon the shortterm & longterm sessions. People will enjoy on being on this beach and this place has been one among the recently added beaches of North Goa and people can enjoy beach shacks and most available marine food here.

Goa's Hippie Paradise
Goa’s Hippie Paradise

Candolim Beach

Now, if we are coming to Candolim beach, its filled with lots of shacks, shops & pubs and this beach being less crowdy, it attracts lot foreigners visiting goa and the beautic scenary of sunrise and sunset is the most peaceful view that one shouldn’t miss here.

Most people visit here in the early day and leave back home early the next day, enjoying the whole day being in the shacks on the shore enjoying the food, drinks and the peace atmosphere all around.

Candolim Beach
Candolim Beach

Baga Beach – North Goa

Baga Beach, one of the most happening and famous beaches of North Goa. This is told to be the beach where Parties never end. You have the most happening Pubs like Tittos very near to the beach and this beach can be said to be the continution of Calangute beach.

This beach starts at the place where the calangaute beach ends. This place offers a range of water rides, parasliding and varieties of marine food served 24/7 here. People love enjoying parties and bumpy rides here in this beach.

Baga Beach
Baga Beach

Anjuna beach:

This beach is called to be as the beach of hippies because they are the one’s who first came here in 1950’s which made GOA being the hotspot for international tourists and the visitors.

You find lot of hippi stores on the shore and most people visit here to enjoy the psychedelic music which can be said to be main attraction to this beach. Also, you might not want to miss the flea market where you get the best deals if you really an expert in bargaining.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach

Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach, famous for its rocky surface which are been shelved by the corals and this beach is being choosen to be an perfect place for the stay on affordable budget and most people prefer this location for their personal parties. You find lot of turtles on the shore and swimming here is most happening thing one can ever notice.

Mandrem Beach

Mandrem beach is famous for being the most romantic spot a couple can enjoy being. You will surprise seeing the white sand on the beach and people here enjoy the romantic visual of the Sunset and the Sunrise lounging on the bamboo bridges dipping their feet in the water.

This beach is one of the infamous beaches of NorthGOA. You can find the services like dolphin sighting ferries here, also you can find Yoga training centers as well as exclusive meditation centers here. The food offered here is such a bliss that one shouldn’t miss.

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach, one of the must vistable beaches in Goa where people witness the most beautiful sunsets. This beach is located on the absolute northern fringes of Bardez Taluka, on the opposite side of the river Chapora, which starts from Morjim in Pernem.

This beach is in the middle of two fresh water springs and is been famous for the rave parties & the night life. This place is near to the Anjuna beach and people do visit anjuna flea market which is famous for the handicrafts, pearls and the clothes. This is also said to be the most pocket friendly beaches where you can find the seafood varierties at affordable prices.

Vagator Beach
Vagator Beach

Bambolim Beach

Bambolim Beach, the most peaceful place where you don’t find the vendors and shacks & this is the perfect place one can enjoy the majestic Andaman Sea and enjoy Goa in idle. This is called as an isolated beach famous for its tranquility.

Sinquerium Beach

Sinquerim Beach, famous for the Aguada fort and the most thrilling water sports has a rich heritage of portuguese architecture and this place is very near to candolim and baga beaches. If you plan visiting this fort/the beach, its easy for you to cover and complete three beaches in a day in NORTH Goa.

Sinquerium Beach
Sinquerium Beach

Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach, famous for the white sand and the lava rocks along the coastal line which makes it the most beautiful beaches in North Goa and one other important and most highlighted place here is the Chapora fort, famous for its visuals in the bollywood hit movie “DIL CHAHTHA HAI”. Many people do visit this place to recreate the visuals in the movie in their own style and this fort gives you the best aerial view of the beach.

Queriem Beach

Querim Beach, one of the most peaceful beaches backed with casuarinas and palm trees, famous for the ancient turquoise-and-white Ajoba Temple and Portuguese Terekhol Fort & you also find the old goan houses along the shore you have paragliding and jet skiing and other adventorous sports available here which makes our visit more sporty.


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