Best Places To Visit In Goa: Goa is a great place to explore as it is full of lovely beaches, shopping zones, churches, monuments, and waterfalls. Often labeled as the lifeline of this place. The river Mandovi makes a great sight to treasure in your memory. No matter what kind of person you are; whether a mountain type, party type, or beach type, the Indian state of Goa has all of it.

In other words, it is a great place to spread your wings and fly high with some infectious positive energy and spirits. To be crystal clear, you can unleash your hunger for exploring places, meeting new people, making friends, tasting some mouth-watering flavours, partying hard, celebrating occasions, and many more.

They say Goa is more than just beaches and drinks. It is a beautiful fusion of both Indian and Portuguese cultures. And the style of the city is clear evidence of the same. The houses in the city also reflect this blend of style, which is great to look at. Also, Goa won’t disappoint the people who seek knowledge in form of architecture and environment. This place is too good to learn new things and rejuvenate yourself. Therefore, without further ado, let’s scour now!

Top Rated & Best Places To Visit In Goa in Any Season


Here is the list of Best Places To Visit In Goa, which is often preferred by many to have some fun time. Check out the list here.

Baga Beach : 

Goa is known for its beaches and the Baga beach is one among many that capture your attention with crazy stuff. It is widely known for its nightlife. The famous clubs at the beach include – Brittos, Mambos, and Titos. Also, you can try some amusing water sports at the beach. The beach is preferred to watch sunsets and sunrises. One can enjoy a chill morning breeze at the beach.


The prominence of the beach shacks elevates the look and feel of the beach with their super energetic numbers and customer service. The beach was named after the ‘Baga creek’ that flows into the Arabian Sea.

The water rides at the beach are – boating, banana rides, parasailing, jet-skiing, and much other stuff. If you are in the mood for some chilling experiences then this is the right place for you as it is a blend of water sports and also party nights. Also, there are many tourist attractions around the Baga beach including – Calangute beach, Anjuna market, Blue whale water park, Tibetan market, and many more.

Calangute Beach : 

The Calangute beach is yet another known beach in North Goa. Know as – the Queen of beaches, this Calangute beach is the largest one. The highlight of the beach is the stretch of the sand. Also, one can say that this is the busiest and most commercialized beach in the city. 

Calangute beach
Calangute beach

The Calangute beach attracts tourists from all over the world. There is something festive about this beach as it is filled with some pop and rock music. It is equipped with eateries, shacks, and clubs for the people, who enjoy party culture. Drinks and seafood are amazing here and one must give it a try. The beach also offers water sports including – banana rides, jet skiing, parasailing, water surfing, and several others. 

Dudhsagar Waterfalls – A Must Visit Place Near Goa

Ever heard of Dudhsagar waterfalls? We are sure that you would have and also you would have taken a look at the same. The waterfall is very popular and is featured in many films. Situated on the Goa – Karnataka border, the waterfalls are an iconic tourist place to visit in India.


Located on the Mandovi River, the four-tiered waterfall structure is one of the tallest in the country, and the white water cascades from a height of nearly 1017 feet. The gorgeous waterfall off from the even more beautiful mountain range is a vision to treasure. 

The trek to reach the waterfall in the national park is another amazing experience. We say, go and take a look at the waterfalls even though it is a bit difficult, it is worth it. Visiting the place during the Monsoons is a great idea. But make sure that you go well prepared for the trekking with shoes, water, and other things. 

Best Places To Visit In Goa- Chapora Fort : 

As we said, Goa is not just about beaches, it is also full of some great monuments in the country. One such visiting place is Chapora Fort. This monument, undeniably, arrest your attention as it was the site of several battles. It was passed to the Indians from the Portuguese and also comes with a good story. 

Chapora Fort
Chapora Fort

The Chapora fort is rich in history and is a great tourist spot in Goa. It is situated on the banks of River Chapora and is surrounded by wonderful things around the same. Note that the building was constructed in 1717. Nothing can beat the amazing view from the fort. One can enjoy its beauty for hours without knowing it. All you need to do is carry some food along with you and start exploring this monument that holds a great historic value in our history. We say one cannot forget the breathtaking beauty of the fort. 

Anjuna Beach – Top Rated & Best Beach to Visit in Goa

This beach is one of the major tourist attractions & one of the best beaches to visit in GOA. The golden sand grains, pink sunset, and crystal clear sky add more color to the beauty. The beach attracts the crowds with its party life and swaying palms. 


Located on the west coast of Goa, the Anjuna beach is a perfect spot for tourists, who seek some natural beauty. Another highlight of the beach is the rock formation nestled over an inlay of sand jutting out into the sea. With this, the place is popularly known as – Jewel of Anjuna or Ozran. 

We say the full moon scenes at the beach are to look for as they make lovely memories because it is worth experiencing that beauty.  Of all Goan beaches, the Anjuna beach is good for bathing. Also, it offers windsurfing, parasailing, and other water sports. And one can take the Bungee jump from a tower of 80 ft. When there are so many interesting things at the beach, how can you miss visiting it?

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Palolem Beach : 

The Palolem beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa and also attracts several people with its incredible beauty. The attractiveness of Palolem beach is a great tourist attraction. Situated in South Goa, the sea is calmer and without fear, you can walk almost 100 m into the sea.

Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach

The early mornings are the best times to pay a visit to Palolem beach. One can go to a Yoga class and also can dance at the offbeat Silent Noise Disco. You can party in the early hours with your headphones on. Other attractions on the beach include the Cotigo wildlife sanctuary, Monkey Island, and a few others. Also, the beach, during seasons, will be full of life comprised of shacks, eateries, clubs, hawkers, and other stuff. 

And if you need a good Ayurveda massage, then Palolem beach is again the best spot. Other attractions near Palolem beach are Colom beach, Patnem beach, Colva beach, and Agonda beach. 

Grand Island : 

The Grand Island is yet another best sightseeing place in Goa. We say the Grand Island is the perfect destination as it is a nirvana of Goan water sports. You name a water sport and this place offers everything including – fishing, diving, snorkeling, and many more. 

The most popular activity on the Grand Island is Scuba diving and many explorers prefer to take part in this activity that helps them to explore the underwater beauty. 

Grand Island
Grand Island

Note that shipwrecks and reefs are very popular. Also, the Suzy wreck and Davy Jones Locker are very prominent here. Not just experienced, even the beginners can bag some great experiences on the Grand Island.

Don’t forget to take the fishing trip and also do the barbeque the same. In general, the trip lasts from 8.30 am to 4 pm. Just go with good preparation and take all the beach essentials with you. We are sure that you will go back to the Grand Island again and again to make even more beautiful memories than before. 

The Church Of Our Lady To Immaculate Conception : 

The Goa is also about the churches. The church of our lady to immaculate conception is one such church that was first built as a chapel in 1541. And over the chapel, the larger building church is constructed in 1619. 

The Church Of Our Lady To Immaculate Conception
The Church Of Our Lady To Immaculate Conception

Till now, the church witnessed several makeovers but the original essence remained the same. The church pulls several people with its significance in history and is widely popular for its spiritual and religious importance. 

The church is one of the best tourist attractions in the city and is gorgeous to take look at it. We recommend you to visit the church in December as the feast of Our lady of the immaculate conception’s celebration is on the 8th of Dec, followed by Christmas and New year celebrations. 

Cruise : 

How can you not experience the beauty of the sea by sailing on it? Well, Goa is also a perfect destination for some Cruise travels. 

The tourism of Goa offers several cruises on River Mandovi that elevates the look and feel of Goa with pristine waters all over the place. The river cruise in the beach capital of India is worth experiencing. 

Cruise in goa
Cruise in goa

Some of the cruises include – Sunset cruises and sundown cruises, Day cruises, Full moon cruises, and special cruises to name a few. The Monsoon season is a great time of the year to plan a holiday in Goa and also an apt time to go on a river cruise. The cruise also offers delicious food that you can’t afford to miss. 

Fort Aguada : 

Fort Aguada is another paramount site to visit in Goa. It has been standing on the beach facing the Arabian Sea since 1612. Built to provide defense against invading the Marathas and Dutch as well. 

Another interesting aspect of fort Aguada is that it was a grand old fort and boasts the capacity to hold 79 cannons among other weapons. Remember that this monument is again a masterpiece architect by the Portuguese. Also, it divides Candolim beach and Sinquerium beach. 


An old lighthouse within the monument adds more color to the fort. It was built in 1864 and is a wonderful place to explore and spend some amazing time. The architecture of the fort deserves a mention as it features the architectural style of the Portuguese. The view of the sea, especially during twilight hours, from the fort, will make a deep impression on your heart.


We say just pack some food and go to the fort along with family members and friends to spend some quality time with them. Make beautiful memories at the even more beautiful location that holds a great place in the history of Goa.

Best Places To Visit In Goa -Anjuna Flea Market : 

Goa hosts some of the most engaging flea markets and Anjuna Flea market makes it to the list. Without fail, the travelers visit the market that takes place only on Wednesdays. This weekly flea market is an awesome place that gives you the complete feel of Goa at just one location. This tradition has kick-started in the eighties along with the party scenes at Anjuna beach. 

The market will be full of food outlets where you can get tea and snacks. The specialty of the market is that hippies from all over the place come together to sell off their items of all sorts. 

It is one of the good-sized markets in the country and the visitors can buy or purchase really good stuff from this place. Work hard and shop harder at the Anjuna Flea market.

Dona Paula : 

The Dona Paula is the best sightseeing spot in Goa. Earlier, it was a village but now is it is a tourist attraction. To be crystal clear, the Dona Paula is a center for the National Institute of Oceanography. Also, it is the expensive residential area where acclaimed industrialists and politicians reside.

Also, there are many hotels in this zone. Especially during seasons, this place is full of tourists with people and during non-season, it will turn into a calm place. 

Another highlight of Dona Paula is the white-washed statue standing on the rocks beside the famous ferry jetty. Also, the place divides the River Mandovi and River Zuari. The place is also a great shooting spot and also hosts a wide range of food stalls that serve tasty delicacies. It is also one of the best places for water sports.

Elephant Rides : 

Goa is a place for explorers, who come to make most of their time spending close to nature. One such amazing place in Goa that offers elephant rides. Several such tourist locations in Goa offer such rides. Especially, people head to the Tropical Spice Plantation for elephant rides. The elephant safari is very common in Goa and is one of the best attractions of the place. 

Just prepare well and plan a day for the elephant safari in Goa and gain some super good memories of spending time with the wonderful mammoth on Earth.

Mollem National Park : 

Situated just 60 km away from Panaji and sharing the border with Karanataka, the Mollem National park is a great tourist attraction. It is a part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. The national park is too good to plan an outing with family. One can also take trekking in the park besides spotting animals. Interesting, right?

Filled with lush green trees, the park is home to several species of birds and animals including – Great Indian Hornbill, wagtails, King Cobra, Malabar pit viper to name a few. 

The Mollem national park also features some ancient temples dedicated to various deities. One such temple is the Tambdi Surla Devi temple which has its origin in the 12th century. 

Other Beaches : 

Widely and often labeled as the – Beach Capital of India, Goa is full of vibrant beaches. Not just the above-mentioned beaches, also there are several other beaches. Morjim beach – also called Little Russia after considering the Russian population there, Patnem beach – preferred to view gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, Butterfly beach – the beach will be full of butterflies when trees bloom and this makes the beach special, Colva beach – this is a popular tourist attraction due to its stunning beauty of a lovely stretch of nearly 25 km of white sand.

The Ashvem beach is yet another beach that is a tourist destination for family and friends to spend a whale of a time on the sand. People also prefer this beach to go for a good swim. 

With its amazing and serene beauty, the Bambolin beach captures the attention of the people. We say it is a great place to relax.

Not just these, there are many other beaches in Goa that make some great tourist attractions. Just make time and visit these beaches to make lovely and forgettable memories during your vacation.

Goa is a perfect amalgamation of party lovers and nature lovers as it satisfies the hunger and thirst of both kinds of people. There are a lot of churches, monuments, trekking spots, water sports, and many others to fill your soul with calm and peace. 

Also, the food deserves a mention. Goa is also a great place for food lovers as it offers amazing flavors and delicacies of food, seafood in particular. 

Do let us know if we missed someplace in the comment section. 



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