With the exams fever taking a dip and summer vacations around the corner plan ahead the itinerary of the Places to Visit in London. London is an amalgamation of modern tourist spots like the London Eye and historical sites like the Buckingham Palace. Explore the Warner Bros Studio and spend a day full of magic with your Harry Potter and Hermanie as you get a first-hand experience to see the sets, props and costumes which were used in the Harry Potter movies.

Visit Westminster Abbey an important part of the English Royals as it plays host to ceremonies being coronations, weddings and is the resting place of great monarchs and queens. The Tower of London has a nine-hundred-year history where it has adorned many roles from being a fortress, to a prison and a menagerie. And in present times it safeguards the royal jewels. Madame Tussauds brings to life legends like Shakespeare and is your chance to enjoy your fangirling or fanboying moments with famous personalities.   

A trip to Kensington Palace gives you a glimpse of the lifestyle of the royals. One of the must to do things with the London Attractions Tickets is to enjoy sightseeing of iconic landmarks as you hop on and hop off the London Bus tour.

All-Time Favourite London Attractions

All-Time Favourite London Attractions
All-Time Favourite London Attractions

London Eye 

Enjoy an unwinding trip with the pre-booked London Attractions Tickets as you brace your selves to ride the London Eye. London Eye also known as the Millennium Wheel is an observation cantilevered wheel or better yet a Ferris Wheel which stands tall at a height of 135 metres on the south bank of the Thames River.

The wheel has thirty-two air-conditioned oval-shaped passenger capsules each capsule representing one of the London Boroughs. The capsule has the capacity to accommodate around twenty-five people and one revolution takes nearly thirty minutes to complete. The Ferris wheel was built to mark the millennium in London.

British Museum

The Places To Visit in London bucket list would seem incomplete if it does not feature the British Museum. The British Museum situated in the Bloomsbury area of London is committed to human history, culture and art. It is a high-ranking museum and a treasure trove which chronically monitors human legacy dating from two million years ago to the present times.

The Rosetta Stone dates back to 196 BC and is engraved in three languages-Greek, Demotic and Hieroglyphic as it was the key to deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Parthenon Marble located on the Ground Floor are the epic Greek sculptures which are showcased at the museum. They originally belonged to the 2,500 years old temple dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena in Greece and were brought to England by Lord Elgin in 1801.

Sutton Hoo Mask and Ship Burial collection includes the embellished iconic mask and other items that were found from the twenty burial mounds are well preserved at the museum and are one thousand years old. 

Tower of London

A hassle-free trip awaits you with online booked London Attractions Tickets as you visit the Tower of London. It is a historic castle situated on the north bank of the Thames River in central London. William the Conqueror constructed the White Tower in 1066. The Castle has adorned many garbs from time to time and played an important role in the history of the English.

It suffered damages during the second world war in the Blitz which was bombings by German camps on Britain. The Tower of London was once an armoury, a treasury and home of the Royal Mint and a menagerie and has continued the role of being the home of the Crown Jewels of England.

Westminster Abbey

Next Place to Visit in London is Westminster Abbey which is an Anglican Church located in the City of Westminster. The abbey has a formal title of Collegiate Church Of Saint Peter at Westminster. It has witnessed thirty-nine coronations since the year 1066 of British monarchs, around sixteen royal weddings and is also the burial site for eighteen Scottish and British monarchs.

At the nave and transepts are sixteen crystal chandeliers which are made of handblown Waterford glass and were designed by A B Read and Stephen Dykes Bower.

 Buckingham Palace

With the advanced booked London Attractions Tickets head towards the royal residence in London. Buckingham Palace is located in the City of Westminster and acts as the administrative office of the ruler of the United Kingdom as well as the residence of the ruling royals. The palace was built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham and was designated as his official residence.

There are around seven hundred and seventy-five rooms in the palace out of which 19 are staterooms, 52 royal bedrooms and guest rooms and 92 offices. Buckingham Palace is known for its boisterous ceremony of Change of Guard which takes palace on the palace grounds around 11: 30  in the morning. Around nineteen rooms are open for public visitations during the months of August and September.


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