Bansilalpet Stepwell, Secundrabad Opening Timings


India being rich in heritage and culture has many historic monuments and constructions which still remain as a puzzle for modern architecture. One such construction being stepwells which are subterranean structures built to manage and conserve ground water. In this article we are covering the details of BASILALPET STEPWELL which has been beautifully constructed with minute detailing, ornamented and stands as a piece of excellent craftsmanship and architectural heritage.

Bansilalpet Stepwell

Bansilalpet step well has evolved as a place where there happened many public gatherings, religious ceremonies and has been a great spot for pleasure and relaxation. The water from this well were used for performing rituals when someone died in the area. This well was originally part of a garden of tamrind and palmyra trees before British Resident TH Keyes, which was developed by then funds given by Seth Bansilal in 1933. Though there has been no proofs of certainity, the Bansilalpet step well has similarities with the Kakatiya period constrictions.


Bansilalpet stepwell
Bansilalpet stepwell

Bansilalpet step well which is well known as NAGANNAKUNTA has been neglected for decades, since there has been reported a few cases of suicides. This beautiful monument has turned Into a dump yard and is in deplorable condition, submerged in garbage and litter.

Besides having a historical significance, stepwells also play an important role to recharge ground water which is very important in the present day context. The Telangana government has launched a restoration project for the reviaval of this age old 17th century stepwell which has been completed in October. It was slated for inauguration on November 19 which was during the World Heritage Week.


Bansilalpet step well has been to it’s original glory with cobblestones and illuminated with electric light poles. An old dilapidated building adjacent to the step well has a view point from where the tourists can overlook the whole beauty. The government has fences the area to built a garden and jogging track which will enhance the whole look.

One can foresee the centuries old bricks and mortar façade which were built with jack arches that show the age old construction skills. The Telangana government has spent over Rs. Two crores for the restoration where there needs a behavioural changes from the public so that they won’t go back to dumping garbage again as it happened for four decades.

The six level step well has turned into a tourist attraction which was inaugurated by the urban Development minister K.T.Rama Rao. One can find a museum, a cafeteria and amphitheatre for special attraction.

Bansilalpet Stepwell, Secundrabad Opening Timings

This stepwell opens at 10:00am and closes at 7:00Pm


Step wells are considered to be the utmost important constructions both environmentally, and historically. Specifically the Bansilalpet step well has an annual rainwater harvesting capacity of more than 40 lakh litres. The partnership of the government with other NGOS has made the Bansilaal pet stepwell to restore its heritage.

Do visit this place to experience the architectural skills of our ancestors. Also do let us know how our article helped you to k ow about this age old monument in the comment section below.


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