Hello and welcome to another one of our tales here at TalesOfBackpacker.com . In this article we are going to take you through the Places to Visit in Gokarna if you are making a trip down there.

Gokarna is a town in Karnataka state near the Arabian sea and is famous for many reasons. The town is famous among the Hindus as a pilgrimage site due to the different temples present here and also famous among the tourists because of the beaches since it is a coastal town. So let’s look at the Places to Visit in Gokarna and the way to reach them.

How to Reach Gokarna

Gokarna is in the state of Karnataka so if you are living outside the state and down south of India you can travel to Bangalore and take the bus from there. The bus will probably get you there within 8 to 10 hours. You can also try going there by train from bangalore as it is cheaper but it might take more time. If you are living in northern You can take a flight to Goa and travel by bus or modes of transportation as it is on the same coastal line as Goa.

Best time to Visit Gokarna

The best time to visit Gokarna depends on the places that you are visiting, For example if you are visiting the beaches you will have to be vary of the monsoon season, Since there can be storms which will be dangerous. And if you are visiting the temples then you will have to keep in mind the festivals that are celebrated in those temples so as to get the best experience possible.

Places to visit in Gokarna

Places To Visit in gokarna
Places To Visit in gokarna

Listed below are few places that you must visit when you are in Gokarna and we have also covered the places to visit near Gokarna as well.

Mahabaleshwar temple

The Mahabaleshwar temple is a major tourist attraction in Gokarna. This temple is a fine example of the Dravidian architecture that is spread across the southern India. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and was built around 345-365 BC. It is also mentioned in the Indian mythology such as Mahabharata and thus considered one of the holiest sites for Hindus.

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The 6 feet tall Linga known as aatmalinga is worshipped here and draws a large number of devotees that visit the site in millions every year. The temple is visited in large numbers specially during the mahashivratri, Which takes place around Feb-March.

The top of the Atmalinga is the only part of the Linga that is visible to devotees. It is only during the Ashta Bandana Kumbhahishekam, a festival that happens once every 40 years, is when the entire Atmalinga is shown to the devotees. As per the tradition, devotees must first take a dip in the Karwar Beach, where the temple faces, visit the Maha Ganapathi Temple that is opposite the temple, then only visit the Mahabaleshwar Temple. The temple is open from 6 am to 12 pm in the morning and 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening.

OM beach – Places to Visit in Gokarna

The name om beach come from the shape of the beach which is similar to the popular symbol of Om. A magnificent beach with scenic views, It offers a variety of things including water sports and trekking.

Things to Do at Om Beach 

Om Beach is the centre for several water sports activities such as surfing, water-skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. The beach also offers a breathtaking view during the sunset. Travellers can even choose to stay overnight here in the nearby wooden cottages.

Water sports

Banana boat rides are one of the more popular water sports in the area and can be enjoyed during a heavy wind at the beach.

The thrashing waves can be best explored by enjoying the 15 minute Bumper Boat ride. It is initiated by special safety instructions, followed by tying of a bumper boat to a speed boat. Then the speed boat runs the bumper boat through the blue water in gushing speed. This sport is especially loved by the adrenaline junkies.

Nature enthusiasts can also indulge in dolphin spotting. The humpback dolphins are quite clever and can easily sense human voices; hence you must be alert during this activity. Make sure to keep your cameras and cell phones handy, to capture these mesmerizing creatures that can be etched in your memory forever.

Jet skiing is quite popular here and will give you some great thrills. The gushing and pristine water serves as an ideal requirement for this sport.You can enjoy fishing here as well along with other things. Take a ride until the ocean and drop a hook in the deep waters to enjoy this activity.speed boating too is a great way to watch the coastline and quite popular here among the tourists, So you should give this one a go.As Gokarna is set on hilly terrain, it serves as an ideal trekking spot. The rocky terrain offers a unique trekking experience to the visitors. The pleasurable walk along the paths drenched by the lashing waves makes this activity a memorable one.

Kudle beach

The kudle beach is another site which makes up for great viewing,situated only a short trek from Om Beach. Far from the noise, this beach offers the most silent and serene atmosphere to enjoy a sunset, a walk along the shore or simply sit and observe the ocean. Many local come to this this beach for a morning or evening walk or practising yoga, Not many people know about this beach which keeps the crowd here very low and you can enjoy the peace and tranquility.

The beach is usually deserted, except for the peak months from November to February, when it is flocked by foreign travellers and backpackers who choose Kudle beach for its privacy. The sea is calm and shallow enough to have a bath or simply for dipping your feet, but it is always better to be careful. If you are planning to stay here overnight, there are a few proper hotels, which tend to be full during the peak seasons. However, from around October to March, the local people also put up temporary shacks and huts for makeshift accommodation and food. They are not the best option, but an option nevertheless. If you are of the adventurous type a night spent on the beach in a small hut listening to the sound of the waves is as perfect as it can get.

Paradise Beach – Places to Visit in Gokarna

The paradise beach is another famous beach in Gokarna, also known as ‘Full Moon Beach’. the Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and out of this almost seventy percent of the beach is entirely covered in rocks while the rest of the beach is covered with white sand. Unlike Om beach you do not have water sports facilities available here but you can enjoy the swim on the beach although you have to be vary of the danger of swimming near the rocks.The serene environment of the beach offers a great opportunity to spend some time in nature’s lap and find solace.

Paradise Beach is not accessible by road and can only be reached via other beaches, namely the Half Moon Beach and Om Beach. Visitors can hire a motor boat from these two beaches to reach the Paradise Beach. This beach can also be reached after a small hike from the Half Moon Beach. From here you can reach within 15-20 minutes. Paradise Beach was earlier known as the hot spot for all the hippies, due to the trade of weed going on here. As soon as this caught the eye of the Government authorities, all these antisocial activities were curbed, shacks were broken, and all kinds of commercial activities were prohibited here.

During the night time you can see foreigners camping in this area. Availability of fresh water well on the beach makes it an ideal spot for camping. The water from this well is clean and safe for drinking. Swimming is highly enjoyable here but swimming far across the shore is risky due to the presence of very strong currents. Visitors can enjoy local cuisine in the nearby localities as well.

Gokarna beach

Gokarna beach is one of the main attractions in Gokarna. The beach was not as popular a while back but became famous as the foreigners started flocking it which led to many shops and cafes being opened here. The beach is many kilometers long and is covered by white sand all over.

It is quite popular with devotees who come here to visit different temples. You can also enjoy trekking here as there is a muddy hill terrain present here. The steep rocks in the shallow sea allow rock climbing for the adventure junkies. The nature enthusiasts can also enjoy the the different birds and sea creatures present here. You can also do yoga at the beach as there are many people who even offer crash courses on yoga here. This one is surely to be visited in Gokarna places that you are visiting. You can also enjoy surfing here as well as take part in different activities which take place on a daily basis.

Mirjan fort

The Mirjan fort is one of the better tourist places near Gokarna which you can pay a visit too. This will certainly leave a impact on you, as it will take you back in time along with its historical significance and the architecture. the has seen many battles take place here which is visible in its walls. This fort may have seen the battles on or before the 16th century before being taken over by the British who then turned it into an armoury. The fort has been covered with grass over the time and gives you a great view of the monument. It is open from morning 9 to evening 5 and you do not have to pay any fee for entry.

The fort is located on the banks of river Aghanashini and is a little far from Gokarna which is around 22 km’s but it will make up for the travel with it’s majestic view.


Kumta is a coastal town near Gokarna which similar to Gokarna is famous for its beaches and temples. The place has not attracted as many tourists as Gokarna so people often go here to find solace. It is about 30 km’s away from Gokarna and Matches the coastal town in its beauty. The baada beach is a famous beach here and the mahaganpati temple too attracts a lot of tourists, You can also go for trekking and camping here as it is also a rocky coastal line filled with a terrain which will give you a lot of trekking options, Although you might not get the water sports action like Gokarna here.

So with this we can end the blog on Places to Visit in Gokarna here until we see you next time on another one of our blogs here.


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