Hello again, This is a piece for all the foodies out there who wander not for places but for food. Today we are going to take you, the ever-hungry foodie through the streets of Dehradun and tell you about the 5 places that you need to visit to satisfy your taste buds, So come along on this tasty ride, Cause nothing feels better than a good meal.

Must Try Street Food & Restaurants to Visit in Dehradun

Must Try Street Food & Restaurants to Visit in Dehradun
Must Try Street Food & Restaurants to Visit in Dehradun photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

Doon Darbar


The first one in the list has to be the ever crowded Doon darbar. Doon darbar is one of the most famous restaurants in town and offers Indian, Asian and Afghani cuisine, But the arabian dishes here are the one you must keep your eye on.

The restaurant is rated very highly among the locals and is often crowded so you might have to wait for a while o get your order, But trust us ii’s worth the wait. 

The prices are a little higher than usual but not something which is out of reach, And a real foodie knows that the taste beats the price whatever it might be, So keep this one on your list when in Doon and better go there by a riksha as there is no parking space since it’s just beside the road. You can also order your food online and go for takeaways.

Special mention: Tandoori dishes 

Meals: Lunch & Dinner

Orchard –


The second one on the list is Orchard, This place serves Indian, Caribbean, Asian and Tibetan cuisines. The place is famous amongst the locals and is near the MDDA park. The best thing about the place is the ambience which makes it popular among the youngsters, The food is great and the service is good too, You might feel it is a bit laid back but that just adds to the ambience.

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 It’s one of the best places to tryout the Tibetan food in doon and you must give it a try, The place serves mostly chinese and you will get a lot of vegan and gluten free options. There is live music at the place so it’s a great place to chill and fill your stomach, The place is very hygienic and there is also an outdoor seating available. The parking is available at the place, So you can hop in your vehicles. So this one is definitely a must visit when you are in Doon. Takeout is also available at this place.

Special mention: Thukpa

Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, After hours


No. 3 on the list is Anandam. Many people must be familiar with name as Anandam is present in many cities and is a delight for all the vegetarians.


Anandam, As the name suggests will surely give you a lot of “anand” if you love Indian food and fast food. The place is hit amongst the families and serves vegetarian food along with the street fast food such as gol gappas, Samosa, Dosa, chowmein among others. The place is also famous the sweets and you will get some of the tastiest Bengali sweets at the place. The chat, Tikki and dhokla are among my favorites at this place and a rasogulla after the meal makes you wanna have more.

The service is great at the place. You will be treated with warmth by the staff, And will get your orders on time, The vairties in sweets are many and same is the case with the dishes.

The parking is available at the place. The seating is not huge but it is ok and you won’t have to hustle. This is truly a gem and you will not leave the place disappointed. The price range is good and you will get good value for your money.

Meals:- Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

Special mention: Chole kulche, Masala dosa

Punjabi Grill

If you are making a list about food and at that food in india, You better not skip a good Punjabi restaurant. That is why we have added Punjabi grill at no. 4 in  this list.


The Punjabi grill offers a wide range of dishes, It serves Indian as well as Asian cuisines. You will get many vegetarian meals here, The place serves the age old Punjabi dishes with a bit of modern twists but the taste remains pure as ever. From tandoori dishes to chole kulche you will get everything Punjabi and north Indian here and will also get to taste some royal dishes as well. The place is very well maintained and the staff is nice too, You will leave with a smile and a heavy stomach so be prepared. The parking facilities are available at the place so you will not be hustling with vehicle outside. The restaurant is priced above average but the food makes up for it, So do give it a go.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks

Special mention: Raan-E-Sikandari


Grill is a buffet restaurant and bar situated at jakhan. One of the best places to visit if you love some barbecue to go with some drinks, Add to that the serene view of Mussoorie and You have a perfect evening.


Grille offers a wide range of Indian, International and Asian dishes that go well along with the bar. The barbecue buffet offered here is the best in the city. Being at the foothills of Mussoorie, This place is quite popular locally and Terrace is a great place to have your friends over for a chill night-out as the terrace parties hosted here are just lovely and gives you a slight insight into the local nightlife.

You will find the drinks of all kinds, Though it might be a tad expensive. The concept is very similar to barbecue nation, The starters are great and the main course is good as well, So if you love barbecue then you love this too.

Meals: Lunch, Drinks, Dinner

Special mention: Prawns here are great.

Must Try Street Food at Dehradun 

The street food in Dehradun is a delight, The city is rich with the variety of street foods, from gol gappe to chole bhature, You will find everything but the two street foods that the city is famous for is the chowmein which is basically noodles(But not your regular ones) and Momos.

If you were to ask a Doonite to take you to a food joint, He would definitely take you to his favorite momos stall, Such is the quality and quantity of this food item and its stalls. 

The Maggie points too are very popular and you will find dozens of them on the Mussoorie road, So some great Maggie to go with the beautiful view of the city from atop is what you will be getting, There are many bakery’s as well in the city which serve their own version of pizzas and burgers.

The Tibetan Thupka is also very famous here and you must try it out. Listing below some of the food joints you should visit to try out the street food.

1.The buffet snacks shop (Rajpur road)

2. K.C Momo’s and Soup bar (Jakhan, Rajpur road)

3. Bun tikki wala (Dwarka store chowk)

4.Chetan poori wala ( chakrata road)

5. Maggie points (mussoorie road)

6. Kumar Sweets (clock tower)

So with this we bid adieu until next time, Meanwhile I’ll just go fill belly from my favorite joint cause writing one blog does make you hungry, Not only for food but for the next article as well, So see you soon, Cheers to some tasty trips.


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